Thoughtfully Restrained Luxury Tea

The KOLLO product range offers a thoughtfully curated & unprecedented collection of bottled brews, each of which combine the simplistic elegance of luxury tea leaves with bold flavors rarely seen outside the private collections of discerning tea drinkers.

KOLLO teas are brewed from skillfully cultivated & consciously farmed, whole, fresh, single-source seasonal tea leaves each hand-selected for their unique flavor profile. The small-batch brewing technique ensures maximum sensory benefits are conserved without the addition of preservatives, flavorings or sweeteners. KOLLO celebrates showcasing teas in a sincere & restrained way that is intended to set a new standard in contemporary bottled teas.

Founded by Nicole Dean in 2018, KOLLO was born out of a desire to create the world’s highest-quality, ready-to-drink bottled tea.  As an avid tea drinker, Nicole combined her background in biotechnology, medicine, & business & conceptualized KOLLO in hopes to satisfy her own personal pursuit of a beautiful, healthy, & elevated alternative to classically available bottled teas.

Inspired by the spirit of timeless Japanese minimalism coupled with the vibrancy & wellness-focused spirit of Los Angeles living, Nicole was motivated to bring to market a convenient method of consuming a time-honored & traditional beverage following an illuminating visit to Japan.

Nicole currently lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, son, & two rescue dogs. KOLLO is a Black, female-owned & operated small business.





Founder’s Note

The core principle at the heart of my founding KOLLO has always been to create products that honor their most restrained form in an elegant, healthy, & sustainable manner. KOLLO represents my sincere appreciation of the effervescent culture & cuisine of Los Angeles combined with the elegance & timelessness of Japanese ideology. KOLLO is simple in form but thoughtfully curated to create a contemporary way of consuming a time-honored & traditional beverage.

As many a founder origin story begins, I too founded KOLLO following a very personal pursuit of a product combining attributes that I was unable to find on the shelves. Following an inspirational & educational post-grad trip to Japan, I was taken aback by the lack of availability of unsweetened, preservative-free bottled teas in the U.S. After a year of painstaking research, development, trial, & error, KOLLO was affectionately born.

KOLLO is truly an extension of my own personal mission & values, & it has been an incredible honor to bring to life a product line whose core ethos is illustrated by a commitment to integrity, quality, homage, & design. I am continually inspired by the diverse community of Los Angeles as well as doing my part to contribute to a more sustainable future. I believe in supporting small farmers who have made it their mission to honor traditional farming methods with the utmost respect for the health of mother earth.

To all of those who have contributed to bringing KOLLO to life & are continuing this journey alongside us, I sincerely thank you.


Founder & CEO, KOLLO