Founded in Los Angeles, The Kollo product range offers a thoughtfully curated & unprecedented collection of bottled brews, Each OF which combine the simplistic elegance of luxury tea leaves with bold flavors rarely seen outside of the private collections of discerning tea drinkers

Kollo teas are brewed from skillfully cultivated & consciously farmed, whole, fresh, single-source seasonal tea leaves each hand-selected for their unique flavor profile. The twenty-four hour, small-batch brewing technique ensures maximum sensory benefits are conserved without the addition of preservatives, flavorings or sweeteners. Kollo celebrates showcasing teas in a sincere & restrained way that is intended to set a new refined standard in contemporary bottled teas





Free of Preservatives & Sweeteners

We believe in providing the freshest, most pure, ready-to-drink, cold-brew iced teas and thus, abstain from adding any preservatives (eg. Citric acid) or sweeteners that may alter the sensory experience or create undesirable health effects. As a result, KOLLO teas do require refrigeration to avoid spoilage. Please note: KOLLO Teas are lightly pasteurized for safe consumption



KOLLO Teas are 24-hour cold-brewed to provide a more delicate and smooth extraction when compared to hot brewing. The cold-brew process extracts less tannins and caffeine (about 1/2), while maintaining as many of the beneficial antioxidants as possible. This brew process results in a lighter, less astringent, less bitter and less acidic flavor profile than traditionally found in many hot-brewed alternatives


Specialty vs. Commodity Tea

KOLLO partners with premium “specialty” tea farmers, who prioritize quality (harvesting methods, taste, sustainability) over quantity. Specialty tea producers take honor in the tradition of tea growing by minimizing use of chemicals or machinery when possible. In contrast, much of the tea consumed commercially in tea bags is considered “commodity tea” and is meant for mass market as opposed to the specialty market consumer


Single-Origin & Whole-Leaf

KOLLO tea leaves are each sourced within their country of origin during one season, one farm, and one crop of tea. KOLLO teas utilize fresh, whole leaves, rather than lower grade crushed or powdered tea for the most authentic tasting experience


KOLLO Tea Bottle

KOLLO teas are proudly hand-bottled in Los Angeles, California within custom, French-made, recyclable glass bottles. KOLLO bottles are designed with minimalist artwork to showcase the beautiful color of the brews, as well as be reused for your favorite beverage or serve as a water container for your flower of choice


Ingredients & Nutrition

KOLLO Teas have just two ingredients: Premium tea leaves and filtered water. All KOLLO teas are zero calorie, free of all sweeteners, flavorings, additives and preservatives



KOLLO teas are cold-brewed from whole tea leaves, never concentrate or powder. As a result, natural tea leave sediment may be present and should dissipate upon shaking



We endeavor to provide the freshest possible product to our consumers, and suggest consuming KOLLO teas within 6-months of purchase (refrigerated & unopened). Please refer to the “best by” date on each bottle for more detailed information


KOLLO Sustainability

Tea Leaf Sourcing: We believe that the best teas in the world come from growers who have an active role in setting their collections, prices and labor practices. KOLLO takes efforts to partner with growers who pass on their land to future generations, and thus are not incentivized to utilize pesticides to increase crop yield for short-term gain, but instead consider the sustainability of the land they cultivate and biodiversity of the surrounding environment

Compost Program: KOLLO has partnered with Los Angeles-based LA Compost and Compostable LA to provide our raw, hydrated, tea leaves to the local Los Angeles community composting programs after brewing. Composting reduces food waste and helps build healthy soil

Packaging: KOLLO Bottles are fully recyclable and designed with re-use in mind. We encourage consumers to find a unique use for the bottles after use such as a flower vase, or reuse for your favorite beverage or water on the go


For further information or additional enquiries, please email info@thekollo.com